5 Reasons the Lehenga is an Indian Ethnic Wear Staple

There are many different types of Indian Clothing available for women. First there is the Salwar Kameez Suit, then the Anarkali Suit, and of course the classic Saree.

But none of these types of Indian clothing can quite give you that royal wedding look that you get when wearing a Lehenga Choli.

The Lehenga has truly created a special place for itself in Indian fashion.

In fact, Indian women all over the globe are now wearing Lehengas.

There are actually many reasons why the Lehenga is so revered in Indian fashion. These reasons include the following:

  • Lehengas have been around for a very long time.
  • Lehengas are engrained into Indian fashion and Bollywood.
  • The Lehenga has become an Indian bride’s go-to outfit.
  • Lehengas have an enormous range of colors and styles.
  • Social Media has helped grow a North American Lehenga and Indian fashion community.


Reason One: Lehengas Have Been Around for a Very Long Time

Black and White Lehenga Choli

  • According to Vaishnavi Nagwekar, a blogger for Yeh Hai India, the Lehenga was first introduced to India in the Tenth Century.
  • This means that the Lehenga has had over 2000 years to evolve into the fashion staple it is known as today.
  • While the Mughal hold over India grew, so did the popularity of the Lehenga.
  • As time went on, Lehengas started to become the go-to royal Indian attire.


Reason Two: Lehengas Are Engrained into Indian Fashion & Bollywood

Alia Bhatt in Lehenga Choli

  • The Lehenga has been growing in popularity ever since the Mughal Empire introduced it to India.
  • If you have ever watched a popular Bollywood music video, then you have likely seen the female lead dancing in a beautiful Lehenga Choli.
  • In fact, Lehengas are commonly worn in Bollywood movies. Especially movies that include wedding or party scenes.


Reason Three: The Lehenga Has Become an Indian Bride’s Go-To Outfit

Indian Red Bridal Lehenga

  • The same way a Western Bride is supposed to wear a white dress, an Indian Bride is supposed to wear a Red or Pink Lehenga Choli.
  • According to Eugene@vogueballroom.com.au of Cosmopolitan Events, the reason that an Indian bride usually wears a red Lehenga is because of the symbolic nature of the color.
  • In the Indian culture, the color red is symbolic of love, passion, and commitment.


Reason Four: Lehengas Have an Enormous Range of Colors & Styles

Colorful Lehenga Choli

  • Wedding Lehengas are not the only popular choice of attire. Party Lehengas are also very popular among women.
  • Party Lehengas come in many different colors, including Beige, Green, Yellow and more.
  • Women that wear a Lehenga to a wedding or party usually stay away from red because that color is always reserved for the bride.
  • According to Shrutika Potwar, a blogger for Shilpa Ahuja, some of the different types of Lehengas styles include:
    • The Flared A-Line Lehenga
      • One of the most classic styles.
      • Lehenga bottom has pleats, which give it volume.
      • Tightened and pleated at the waist.
      • Lehenga flares out as you move downwards.
    • The Circular Lehenga
      • Features a flared skirt with a circular bottom hemline.
      • Works well with Bridal Lehengas.
      • Gives the Lehenga skirt more volume.
    • The Lehenga Saree
      • Is basically a cross of the Lehenga and Saree styles.
      • A South Indian style where women drape the dupatta around their waist and over their shoulders.
      • Sometimes the Lehenga bottom is pleated to appear more like a Saree.


Reason 5: Social Media Has Grown a North American Lehenga & Indian Fashion Community

Sonam Bajwa in Orange Lehenga

Courtesy of Sonam Bajwa's Instagram

  • Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have helped create communities of Indian influencers.
  • Rashmi Jayara of Shaadi Saga explains that social media has made it easier for influencers to share and showcase their favorite Lehenga Choli designs.
  • Some even create their own unique Lehenga designs.
  • Social media has become a creative playground for both Indian designers and influencers.
  • With so many designs now available readily at the touch of your finger, social media influencers help you recognize what looks good, what is popular, and what is in style.



While all the individual styles of Indian clothing can be extremely beautiful, they just can’t offer the elegance and royalty that a Lehenga can.

For one thing, Lehengas have been worn for thousands of years by women in India. This has caused them to be very closely related to Indian fashion and pop culture. In fact, many Bollywood music videos feature an actress in a stunning Indian Lehenga.

Throughout the years the Lehenga has proved itself to be an Indian bride’s go-to outfit.

Another desirable trait that Lehengas have is that they come in many different styles and colors. Lehengas are becoming more and more customizable through the help of modern technology and social media.

In recent years Lehengas have grown a lot in popularity through social media. Influencers and celebrities showcase themselves in their favorite and sometimes unique Lehengas, garnering massive amounts of likes and shares.







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