How to Wear a Bollywood Styled Bridal Lehenga

Indian weddings have always been about the glitz and glamour, with thousands of guests pouring in and chaos everywhere. However, since the pandemic, this scene has been changing drastically. The number of guests allowed is being reduced and Indian weddings are starting to become more minimalistic. This means that more time and energy is being spent on the outfits for the bride, groom, and their closest loved ones.

All that Indian brides are having to give up in the form of late-night Bollywood parties, are making up for it through the bridal lehenga they wear.


Traditionally, Indian brides have been expected to wear red because that’s the color that signifies Mars, the planet in charge of Hindu marriages. However, modern brides are breaking away from those customs and wearing bridal lehengas of various colors, including red, yellow, emerald, and so on. At Los Mahal, we have two kinds of lehenga cholis for you- the bridal lehengas and the party lehengas. They come in different colors too and with the most beautiful designs you have ever seen.


Let us walk you through some of the best from our lehenga collection.


1.    Alina Mirrorwork Lehenga

 Alina Mirrorwork Lehenga Pink Lehenga

The Alina Mirrorwork Lehenga is the perfect lehenga to celebrate the most important day of your life. This fabulous lehenga consists of a combination of intricate mirror work and Zardozi embroidery that will make you the prettiest bride on your special day. The designer blouse is originally sleeveless, but we can add sleeves if that is how you want it.


The blouse has sequins and embroidery on it that truly makes it dazzle in glamour. The lehenga set comes with a lightly embroidered dupatta or scarf that you can wrap around in a way that you please. There are many fashionable ways to use the dupatta. This entire set of Indian clothing is made of luscious silk and net fabrics.


A size chart is available with every lehenga on our website, and you must check it carefully before placing your order. There is also a made-to-measure option that allows you to customize the lehenga in the size you want. It is important to note that the made-to-measure order takes approximately 6-8 weeks to reach you.

2.    Rina Wine Red Lehenga

 Rina Wine Red Lehenga Choli

The Rina Wine Red Lehenga is a radiant lehenga for a radiant bride. However, what one will truly love about this Indian clothing is the color. The wine red will not only make you look simple but also sophisticated and stylish- a look that many wish to incorporate into their wedding. This lehenga is a work of art that features a designer blouse with a stylish high cut.


The lehenga skirt has a magical, shimmery embroidery that will glitter through your wedding rituals. This bridal lehenga has been created keeping in mind the intricate threadworks. One can see shimmering red CZ crystals and sequins on the lehenga choli. The entire outfit is made of net fabrics and luscious satin.


It comes with a classy matching face mask because wedding or no wedding- mask must always be on.


3.    Raina Red Lehenga


Los Mahal Raina Red Lehenga Choli

This one is for all those brides who like a combination of traditional and modern styles. The color of the Raina lehenga is red like the usual bridal lehengas (considering red is thought to be the Indian color of marriage). It has a beautiful designer blouse with golden embroidery all over it. The sleeves are simple and classy.


The lehenga choli also has sparkling gold embellishments, which will ensure that you are the prettiest one in the entire room. In addition, the lush raw silk and net fabrics add to the aesthetically pleasing look of the lehenga.


Indian brides are known worldwide for the ‘Dulhan’ red lehengas they wear at weddings. While these are gradually going out of fashion, we believe they can be modified to look trendy and stylish to suit modern times. That is what we have aimed at with the Raina red lehenga, hoping it satisfies the quintessential Bollywood bridal look you have always dreamed of. 


4.    Jade Green Lehenga


It’s your day and you can look the most beautiful in our Jade Green Lehenga.

Have you always dreamt of looking like a princess on your wedding day? Well, the Jade Green Lehenga will fulfill your dream as you will look like the prettiest (and most fashionable) princess walking the earth. This lehenga features shimmering silver embroidery combined with net fabrics and buttery soft silk.


Unlike many bridal lehengas that are heavy and uncomfortable, we guarantee you 100% comfort. A wedding does not have to be a pressure test, and a bride must enjoy the day to the fullest. This philosophy was behind every design of our bridal lehengas, including this one.


Sequins and CZ crystals are seen adorning this Indian outfit. The best part about the lehenga is the off-shoulder blouse which looks super chic and trendy. While the blouse and the skirt are heavily embroidered, we have designed the dupatta to look minimalistic with light embroidery.


It’s your day, and you can look the most beautiful in our Jade Green Lehenga.


5.    Noor Maroon Lehenga


This is yet another bridal lehenga that will steal your breath away. The Noor Maroon Lehenga is a classic bridal lehenga to which we have added our unique Los Mahal touch. This stunning work of art is proof that the traditional red lehengas worn by brides in India will never go out of fashion, no matter how many new styles are introduced.


The elegant Noor boasts of a gold zardozi embroidery that has been used to create a very intricate design. It features glistening CZ crystals and comes with a heavily embroidered dupatta. The blouse has a sophisticated cut and gold embroidery, both in the front and back.


The superior quality materials (creamy silk and net fabrics) used to make the lehenga will make you feel beautiful and super comfy on your special day. Don’t forget to put on the matching face mask that we provide before heading out to get married to your beau.


Next up, we have come up with 5 quick new ways in which you can style your bridal lehenga for D-Day.


5 Ways To Style Your Bridal Lehenga


Fashion is constantly changing and the best kind, according to us, is when the bride styles her bridal lehenga in a way she deems fit. It is, after all, her day. So let’s quickly look at 5 ways in which you can style your bridal lehenga. 


  • Wear it with a shirt- As weird as it may sound, any bride can pull off this look. It’s quirky, fun, and comfortable. Pair your lehenga skirt with a shirt instead of the usual blouse. Pastel hues and neutral colors tend to go with almost anything. Try it out!
  • Change the blouse- We know that lehengas come in a set, but so what? Nothing should stop you from replacing the matching blouse with a different, contrasting blouse. It’s guaranteed to make a few heads turn at the wedding.


  • Turn it into an Anarkali- Want to try out a unique style with your bridal lehenga? Remove the flared tulle from the skirt and get it stitched to the blouse, and viola! You have a whole new look.


  • Modify the dupatta- Try out double dupattas style if you wish to add some drama and glamor to your wedding look. Wrap one dupatta around you in whatever manner you wish and use another contrasting dupatta as a head veil. This style has been a hit in the 2021 weddings.


  • Pair it with a jacket- Pairing any outfit with a jacket has a boss girl vibe to it. The same goes with pairing your lehenga with a quirky jacket. You can go for a long jacket, a jacket blouse or even a crop jacket.


A Little Bit About Us…


At Los Mahal, we pride ourselves on creating unique designs that Indian brides across the globe can connect with. Founded in 2018, we aim to make the process of online shopping for bridal lehengas easy and secure. The wedding day is an important day in your life, and we understand this. Our lehengas are one of a kind and made to customize. Whether you want a simple, chic design or a glitzy, glamorous one, we have it all.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How long before the wedding should I start searching for a bridal lehenga?


Ideally, it’s best if you start the process of looking at least 6 months before your wedding. This will give you enough time to pick, reject, pick again, get it tailored for the right size, make changes and modifications. 


2.    Where can I start looking for bridal lehengas?


Wedding exhibitions are a great place to start looking for your bridal lehenga or, at least, get an idea for the design you would like. You will find a mix of local designs and high-end designers together in these exhibitions. Once you get an idea, you can check out individual boutiques, shops, and online stores like ours.


Summing Up


Your wedding is your special day- a day when you step into a new phase of your life, and to celebrate that, you must have the best bridal lehenga. We offer a variety of options, and you can choose as per your style. At Los Mahal, we value your opinion and customize our bridal lehengas accordingly.

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