Indo-Western Clothing: A Beautiful Fusion of Cultures



History of Indian Clothing in the West

1947 – 1970

Collage of 5 Indian Women wearing Indo western dresses from different eras

After World War 2 and the fall of the British Raj, many Indians found themselves in faraway lands looking for work. They did this to support and feed their families back home.

Many of these Indian immigrants also brought their cultures, religions, and clothing with them.

At the time showcasing your culture was not encouraged by locals. So, many families found themselves conforming to local western clothing standards.

Because of the British Raj, many Indians were familiar with London, England and saw it as a place of opportunity and wealth.

This was not far from the truth, as many British-Indian families did find their fortunes there.

As western culture became more prevalent in India, many Indian clothing designers began incorporating Western features into Indian designs. Thus, was created the “Indo-Western” clothing design.

Indo-Western Clothing in the 21st Century

Woman wearing a Green Indo western outfit

The 21st Century brought a lot of change into the world. This change brought in a whole new world for Indian clothing brands as well.

Social Media

The emergence of important resources like the internet and social media have made it easier for Indian designers to collaborate and find inspiration. This has enabled them to view and gain influence from the designs of different cultures throughout the world.

Because of the influence of social media, there are now a significant number of Indo-western designs available. More than there have ever been in the past.

Social media has become a prized resource for brands. This is because it has helped increase their accessibility to customers. A customer can now browse the catalogues of many of their favorite brands through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Because of this reason many entrepreneurs have taken to social media and found a lot of success marketing their products.

Turning to social media and websites has also helped brands increase their convenience factor.

Now customers can order their favorite products from the comfort of their living room.

Once their order is ready it will be shipped right to their doorstep. They essentially never have to enter the store if they do not feel like it.


Instagram logo

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 Billion. This turned out to be a good investment for Meta, because in 2018 Instagram was valued at $100 Billion.

In the beginning Instagram had lots of users and not a lot of content. This opportunity was taken by many makeup artists and Indian clothing retailers, who have amassed large followings on the platform. 

Because of the tremendous demand for Indian clothing and jewelry, there are many great Indian clothing and accessory e-commerce brands that are based in North America.

Shopping with a brand that is based in North America gives you the peace of mind that your package will be carefully quality checked and then shipped right to your doorstep.



Pinterest logo

Pinterest is an image based social media service, where the user can create pins and albums of their favorite products and pictures. It is useful when searching for Indian clothing products like Lehengas, Sarees, and Suits. It is especially helpful because many users upload their own outfits and fashion. This can help you get inspiration for an outfit or jewelry. 

Pinterest is another great example of a social media platform that has been a huge help to small business owners. In fact, Pinterest is one of the few social media platforms that is extremely popular in showcasing women’s clothing and accessories.

This has made it an ideal platform for Indian clothing retailers as well. There are many retailers which are now solely using Pinterest to grow their businesses.


Online Indian Clothing Stores

The emergence of e-commerce made Indian clothing retailers realize that they needed to modernize their operations. This meant creating a presence on social media and an amazing website for consumers.

This has been especially helpful for people who do not have an Indian clothing store near their home.

E-commerce has made it possible for you to order any kind of Indian clothing or jewelry from the comfort of your living room.

You can also have that clothing delivered right to your front door if you wish.

If you live in North America, it makes your life a lot simpler to order from Indian clothing stores that operate out of North America as well.

Here is a list of trusted Indian Clothing retailers in North America:


List of Top 5 Trusted Indian Clothing Retailers in North America

(1) Los Mahal –

Los Mahal Indian Clothing Logo

(2) The Grand Trunk –

The Grand Trunk Logo

(3) House of Raina –

(4) Aashni + Co –

Aashni + Co logo

(5) Luxie Couture –

Luxie Couture logo


Hundreds of Retail Indian Clothing Stores in North America & Europe

Due to rising demand, there are now hundreds of retail Indian clothing stores across North America and Europe.

This is because there are communities of Indian immigrants in North America and Europe that are already very large.

Another very important fact to note is that these communities continue to grow.

This growth in Indian populations has resulted in more events like weddings and parties.

This growth has not been limited to just party venues. Makeup artist have also been able to ride the wave. There are a growing number of successful and talented makeup artists.

Another industry that has been able to ride the wave of growing populations of Indians in North America and Europe is the Indian clothing industry. At this point there are well over 100 stores in both continents.

Regardless of the current health situation, Wedding Venues and Indian Party Halls remain booked with no availabilities in the near future.

Cities with Specialty Indian markets

There are entire markets just for Indian shopping and goods in the following cities:

  • London
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Surrey


Cities with Large Indian Communities

There are also many other individual cities with large, concentrated populations of Indian immigrants in the West.

In the United States, the largest populations of Indians live in the following cities:

United States

Bar Graph Representing US Cities with highest Indian populations

New York, NY – 530,000 (combined with Newark)

Newark, NJ – 530,000 (combined with New York)

Chicago, IL – 170,000

Los Angeles, CA – 120,000

San Francisco, CA – 120,000

San Jose, CA – 118,000

Dallas, TX – 100,000


In Canada, the largest populations of Indians live in the following cities:


Bar Graph of Canadian Cities with Large Indian Populations

Toronto, ON – 640,000

Vancouver, BC – 240,000

Calgary, AB – 90,000

Montreal, QC – 50,000


In the United Kingdom, the largest populations of Indians live in the following cities:

United Kingdom

Bar Graph representing Indian Populations in UK Cities

London, UK – 540,000

Birmingham, UK – 190,000

Leicester, UK – 90,000


Popular Women’s Indo-Western Designs

Some of the most popular Indo-western designs for Women include:

Los Mahal Silver Anarkali Suit

The Anarkali Suit

A very popular style in East and West

Resembles a Western Gown

Has heavy embroidery and influenced by Western Design

Formal, Great for Weddings & Parties

 White Long Dress Suit

The Long Dress Suit

Similar to the Anarkali in design

Lighter embroidery and more colorful fabrics

Not as formal but great for parties

Resembles a Western Gown


The Palazzo Suit

A Western Style incorporated into Indian design

Palazzo is a type of design for pants

Design originates in Italy

Make a very beautiful addition to the tradition Kameez (shirt)

Wide pants are a popular style


Popular Men’s Indo-Western Designs

Some of the most popular Indo-western designs for Men include:

Los Mahal Indo Western Sherwani Design

The Indo-Western Sherwani

A popular formal Indian dress

Western design influenced buttons & pockets

Great for Weddings & Parties

Usually come with a bandh gala style


The Jodhpuri Suit

A popular & formal Indian dress

Some elements resemble a Western suit

Worn by celebrities

Worn at Parties & Weddings


The Men’s Kurta

A very popular Indian style

Comes in many different styles

Some have the same collars as shirts

Can be worn at parties, the temple, and home


The Men’s Vest

Indian men’s vests are meant to be worn over kurtas

Give you a very formal look

Come in many different designs & colors

Can be worn at parties, the temple, and home



Indo-western styles date back to at least 74 years ago, and possibly even before that.

Great Britain, which is part of the West, has had ties with India that date back to the 17th century.

Since then many large communities of Indian immigrants have popped up in North America and Europe. These large populations of Indian immigrants have created a need and demand for stylish Westernized Indian clothing.

Indo-western styles are growing more popular everyday, and are popular in both India and the West. Many Indian women that wear Indo-western sarees, refer to them as "cocktail sarees." This is because they are the equivalent to "cocktail dresses" for Indian women.

There are many Indian fashion markets in North America and Europe. In recent years, there have also been many Indian e-commerce businesses that have started serving customers as well.

With the convenience of the internet and social media, Indo-western designs have begun to spread more rapidly across the world. Designers can share and get inspiration from the palm of their hand and in almost any location.

This has made it much easier for designers to communicate new styles and observe trends around the world.

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